Hamon Research Cottrell spare parts

Here is a summary of services provided by the Engineered Products Group of Hamon Research Cottrell:

  • Insulators (rapper shaft, support, anti-sway, etc.)
  • Discharge Electrodes (all types)
  • Gaskets & Packing for many applications
  • Heating Elements
  • MiGi Rappers & Associated Hardware (rapper “shoes”, rods, sealing systems, etc.)
  • ESP Voltage & Rapper Control Replacements
  • Fabric Filter Bags & Cages
  • Blowers, Blower Motors & Cleaning Mechanisms
  • Air-Cooled Condenser Parts
  • Upgrades to Control Systems
  • Partial & Full Rebuilds for Dry & Wet ESP’s
  • ESP Re-Wires
  • FF Re-Bags
  • Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) repairs & upgrades
  • Rapping Sectionalization Projects
  • Hardware Upgrade Projects
  • Outage Maintenance
  • Re-Powering/Frame Sectionalization (Conventional or SMPS)
  • Engineering Studies

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