Hamon Custodis

Hamon Custodis is an industrial chimney company in North America offering turnkey designs, furnishing erection services for new chimney construction and existing chimney repair, maintenance, and demolition.

Hamon Custodis is one of the largest chimney construction companies in the world with over 100 years of experience and more than 10,000 installations worldwide. As a world leader in steel stack design, supply and erection, Hamon Custodis is the company of choice for customers that demand superior quality, long-lasting performance and operating safety. Since 1970, Hamon Custodis has been involved in the silo design and construction for coal, fly ash and lime storage as well as storage for other bulk materials.

During the lifetime of a chimney or steel stack several routine maintenance issues such as inspections and repairs need to be continually addressed. Hamon Custodis offers a full range of onsite inspections, maintenance and repair services. We perform engineering evaluations on existing chimneys and stacks, and we engineer repairs as needed to extend the life of the structure. We pride ourselves on providing quick, emergency services in a safe, cost effective and timely manner, so our customers don’t lose production hours costing them operating profit. 

Our services include the following:

    • OEM Equipment – Chimney, Stacks & Silos
    • Concrete Chimney Structural Repair
    • Platform Modifications and Additions
    • Access Ladders and Walkways
    • Refractory linings (Gunite, Brick & Borosilicate Block)
    • Steel Liners (Carbon, Stainless & Alloy)
    • Brick Tuckpointing and Repair
    • Alloy lining/Wallpaper
    • New Breeching/Access Openings
    • Personnel Elevators
    • Protective Coatings
    • Ductwork Expansion Joints and Seals
    • Cap and Hood Replacement
    • Obstruction Marking
    • Annulus Pressurization Systems
    • Temporary Stacks I Bypass Stacks
    • Electrical Installations
    • CEMS Installations
    • Complete ln-house Engineering
    • Concrete Sheaths
    • Demolition
    • Detailed Inspection Reports
    • Ductwork Repair
    • Lightning Protection System
    • Repairs/Upgrades/Retrofits
    • Extensions
    • Mass Tuned Dampers
    • Venturi Installation
    • Vibration Damping
    • Counterweight System
    • Structural Assessment
    • Life Extension Study
    • Carbon Fiber Wrapping
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